Sports Bra

Sports Bra

We have seen the sexy one, the Silk Baby doll, the push up bras, but you need one to stay in form…well, literally. You are going for a jogging, weight lifting, or to that normal yoga class, you will need the Sports Bra. It works just like a normal shirt. The only difference is that you do not have to wear a bra inside…it is one already. You know how it feels like when you are lifting those barbells – you don’t want any inconveniences in between, especially not a bra.

When it comes to the fabric, one could not ask for anything better. Made out of cotton which is soft and that definitely make you feel lighter. Not to mention about its elasticity and the micro fibre which absorbs moisture. However, one thing which you need to take care of is if you are going for an exercise which will make you sweat a lot like the cardio ones, better avoid it.

Since we are referring to sports, we can’t leave behind the medical benefits of this bra. One thing for sure is that it makes you feel more comfortable while you do your exercises. However, apart from that it reduces breast pain to a considerable extent. Speaking of sagging, then that is avoided, too. And the fact that you are moving a lot, this bra prevents those inquisitive and uncomfortable eyes from you.

Now, this part is very serious. It is very important that you choose the right sports bra. Research shows that if you are wearing a bra which is not of the right size and practise a sport which makes your breast move up and down a lot, it can be very detrimental to your them. Thus, choosing the right one is absolutely crucial. If you have any doubt about the size which is best for you, kindly consult your GP or simply send us a message.

Long gone is that time where we were required to choose between the looks of people and your health. Ladies, this bra is there to help you feel comfortable, at ease and in a perfect shape. So, hurry hurry! Check the right size, place your order and hit that gym. As always, don’t worry about the shipping, that’s on the house.

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