Dog LED Luminous Collar


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Nylon LED lighting pet dog safety collar, easy and convenient to carry and remove through the buckle. Ideal for walking at night and having fun. Shine in the dark not only makes your adorable animal unique, but also a great way to keep your pet and your pet safe. By CE, ROHS, EN471 waterproof, the removable electronic cleaning part of the product is suitable for a dark environment or walks the dog at night, outdoors and fart through the bright fiber optic light, a warning, while the expression of individuality, fashion design mode, day or night, when you turn on and off a light-emitting function are suitable for pet Use Real picture.

Type: Adjustable

Mode: 4 modes, long brightness. Flash. Flash slow, off (  By switching command)

Color: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, black

LED color: same as collar color except for black.

The black collar emits white light.


BATTERY VERSION : Battery: 2 pieces CR2032 (included) battery-powered button Autonomy: 60-80 hours, 2-3 normal months; the battery can be replaceable, convenience stores or supermarkets are available.

RECHARGEABLE USB VERSION: You will not have the trouble to buy a new battery when it runs out. We recommend this version.

Size:     S, M, L, XL. (Please leave some space for your pet’s neck when choosing the size.)

S = Width 2.5 CM * length (22-40) CM is suitable for dogs with necks between 22 and 40 cm.

M = Width 2.5 CM * length (32-50) CM    Suitable for dogs with necks between 32 and 50 cm.

L = Width 2.5 CM * length (48-60) CM    Suitable for dogs with necks between 48 and 60 cm

XL= Width 2.5 CM * length (60-70) CM    Suitable for dogs with necks between 60 and 70 cm

In order to prevent the lights from being pressed and flashing during delivery, we make a small plastic film to stop the switch. When you receive the collar, simply remove this film and the lights will work.



Weight 40.0 kg

pink, orange, yellow, white, green, red, blue


XL, XS, L, S, M


battery, chargable