8 Fashion Rules that needs to be banned

8 Fashion Rules that needs to be banned

It is never the clothes but the confident which we wear. If your confident is not in focus in the right direction, you can wear the best outfit, it will always misfire. Your clothes show the kind of personality that you have, especially your shoes; wear it and uphold it. 

Colour mixing

“Oh girl! You are wearing black and brown…plebeian”.

Really!! Not for today though. Dare it and wear it. Be it brown or navy with black, you’ll be fantastic. Trust the black…if it does not suit anything, it will suit black. I mean just imagine how chic you will be with a black top, black skirt and brown pair of boots.

Don’t mix metal

But why?? Like…is there a fashion cop waiting for you around the corner. It is absolutely fine to mix silver with gold, for instance. You only need to bring the balance. Actually, the rule that gold needs to be with gold, is long gone. The mixing can be very nicely done in your choice for bracelets and necklace.

White after Labour Day

The issue is that everyone looks the same. So what?? White won’t make you Mary, but white is elegant. You can wear the neutral colour whenever you want and how you want it. It is just like black…it will suit it all. Imagine those white boots on your legs…no one can miss it. But, make sure you checked the weather forecast before you leave home.

Full Faced Make up

That mascara, the eye liner…don’t forget the foundation. Girl! You need it all. If that makes you more comfortable, confident and you know how to do it, then be the queen. There is no fine for it. You will just look gorgeous. That full faced make up backlash is history…flush it and dress to kill.

Never button to the top

OH MY DAYS! Who made that rule…are you trying to insult Lagerfeld??

Button to the top is the new in. Be it for office, a date or the church, you will be classy and sophisticated; best worn on jeans, masculine outfits… No one can talk you out if you are wearing this style. And by far, this is an intelligent choice for you don’t need lots of makeup, a ponytail would do, a sprinkle of your Dior…hmmm you will look stunning.

No mixing of animal print

The trick is what you are mixing and how you are mixing it. An overcoat, a pair of boots you can have them in animal print, but you need to know how to accessorize yourself. The print naturally gives you a strong aura. So, from top to toe, you need to do justice to that personality. It is always the end result which will give you the best comment.

Short and long garment

What are heels for?? Everything has a solution. Look at Gaga!! So, if you are short and you feel that you cannot wear long dresses…you just got to brush it off. Wear your heels, but your gait needs to be right. Long and short go along just well, rest assured. We can bury this old fashion dogma in its grave and not look at it ever again.

Shoes and Bag

Some mantras: if it is Gucci bag, so it is Gucci shoes, if it is Channel bag, so it is Channel shoes.

Not necessarily. Your bag and shoes do not need to be matched; be it in colours or brand. You can have them with you as long as they are part of the balance and fashion chakra that you have on that particular day.

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